Frequently Asked Questions

How will you help me with my problem?


Everyone who decides to pursue therapy needs something a little bit different, and the relationship that we form as well as the work that we do, if we choose to work together, will be unique to us.  I understand therapy as a process of exploration, where we try to understand the dynamics of your difficulties in depth and look to your thoughts, feelings, fantasies, experiences, and relationships as part of developing a full understanding of you.  If you are thinking, behaving, or interacting with others in ways that you would like to change, I believe that we need to try to understand why you developed and may be stuck in patterns that are no longer serving you, rather than simply trying to eradicate them.  Many people find that this approach to therapy and self-understanding leads to growth, healing, and lasting change.


What are your credentials?


I have a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with emphasis in psychotherapy from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and an M.A. in Music Therapy from Drexel University.  I am a licensed professional counselor in the states of Colorado and Pennsylvania.  I am also licensed as a Creative Arts Therapist in New York.  I hold the MT-BC credential, which abbreviates the title "music therapist, board certified," a national certification given by the Certification Board for Music Therapists.


Do you accept insurance?


Most insurance companies will reimburse for my psychotherapy services as part of your out-of-network benefits.  I am also an in-network provider for Anthem BCBS and Mines/GME.  Benefits to seeing a therapist with out-of-network benefits include increased privacy and less interference from the insurance company in your therapy goals and number of sessions allowed.  If you don't have insurance (or your benefits do not cover psychotherapy) and you have financial concerns, we can discuss a sliding scale fee.